Credit Restoration


Let’s face it: life is just better with a good credit score. Those three numbers will affect virtually every piece of your adult life, from whether you can rent an apartment, buy a home or a vehicle, get a cell phone and even your ability to get many jobs. To have the greatest impact on your score, we fight to remove negative and inaccurate information from your report, while simultaneously helping you add good, positive lines of credit.

Dream Car

Dream Home

Start A New Business

High Tier Credit Cards

Take Your Financial Education To New Heights!

Hard Inquiries Removed 87%
Personal Information Updated 97%
Student Loans Updated To Positive 91%
Rental Reporting 100%
Subscription Reporting 100%
Telecommunications Reporting 100%

Our Simple 6 Step Process

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Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation whenever you are ready to sit down and start planning how to fix/build/repair/enhance your credit.

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Credit Audit

FULL credit report Audit to help you find negative items that are inaccurate, unverifiable, or outdated. You will get a customized blueprint to improve your credit rapidly!

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After your credit audit and successful payment. You will be sent a on boarding form where you will provide the necessary documentation to start your credit restoration process.


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Credit Restoration Process

We dispute incorrect and unverified information on your behalf so that you can achieve the accurate credit scores you deserve.

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Credit Education

We will educate and provide you with the necessary resources and tools to help you successfully build a high tier credit profile, while also building financial habits that’s will steer you towards financial freedom.

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Financial Freedom

With a higher credit score, you now have lower interest rates, lower insurance premiums, and get better rates on new credit & loans.


Flexible Plans For Single & Couples

For More Information

+1 (800) 635-5089 

The line is open 24/7, 365 days a year

$197 Enrollment

Then $97 monthly

 Update your credit report. Name, Address, Work & Other Personal Information

 Advanced METRO2 Compliance Challenges for the fastest, most effective removals in the industry
3 Bureau Secure Credit Monitoring
 $1M Identity Theft Insurance
Hard Inquiries
 Student Loans
Charge Off Accounts
Credit Card Debt Solutions
Rental Reporting Tradeline
 Financial Coaching, Planning, & Resources. Weekly Classes & Informative Content On Credit Education & Financial Literacy.